Terra Hazelton

Every girl needs a Terra Hazelton. Her website bills her as a “genie nominated actress – acclaimed singer – radio personality” and while it leaves out (in typically humble fashion) the fact that she works regularly as a drummer (with the Hogtown Syncopators, every Friday at the Rex Hotel in Toronto), and has toured the country as a bass player. And, while I feel like I should put a disclaimer that she is my dearest friend, she is one of my favourite singers, to listen to and to sing with, and she has also been the most wonderful, generous mentor to me over the last bunch of years as I figured out how to navigate my way through a career as an independent musician. She defies the conventional wisdom that as singers we are supposed to be in this for ourselves, and has been unwaveringly willing to share contacts, music and the stage. She has introduced me to people and used her experience to open doors for me, and for a lot of other people.

Some singers have a booking agent, publicist, manager, therapist, makeup artist, dresser, producer, photographer, and an entourage to cheer them on. Thanks for filling all those shoes, and for helping me see that it all can happen….

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